Car Equity Loans For Debt Consolidation

In helping individuals and households to get out from under credit card debt or other kinds of debt, professionals look to different kinds of strategies to consolidate debt and make it more manageable. If you're trying to figure out how to deal with debt on an ongoing basis, take a look at how car equity loans could help.     

Assets Against Debt

One of the most fundamental issues in debt handling is looking at a party's debt to assets ratio. Unfortunately, for many of those who seek debt consolidation services, the debt vastly outweighs the assets. However, if any assets can be found, that can help to mitigate situations where creditors are beating down the door.

Vehicles are an often overlooked asset. We think of them as useful tools and necessary items that most of us use every day. But we don't might think about the value that is in our vehicles and how we can use it to our advantage.  

Putting Up Collateral

There's a generally established rule in the lending industry that collateral helps to secure more favorable situations for borrowers, because they have 'skin in the game.' Collateral helps show lenders that there's something behind a promise to pay.

The double side of this is that in cases of debt nonpayment, collateral can be seized. That's something to think about when looking at car equity loans, but it shouldn't stop most people from letting the value of their assets work for them for debt consolidation.

Assess Vehicle Value

Vehicle owners can do a quick Kelley blue book search to get the estimated value of their vehicle. It's important to note that car equity loans may not provide money for the entire value of the vehicle -- usually it will be a specific percentage of that actual value. However, lots of vehicles do retain significant value, even after a number of years, and that can help a cash-strapped borrower get out from under a debt load.

The bottom line is that a car equity loan (or two) can be a valuable part of a debt consolidation process. If you're carrying crushing debt and paying a lot of interest, it's only fair to apply the value of your assets to the equation, to give yourself a little breathing room. Talk to legitimate car equity loan businesses (such as DRIVEiT Title Loans) about how to start to set up these arrangements, to get some interest and principal taken off of current debt accounts.