How To Prove Income If You Are Self-Employed And Have Bad Credit

Getting a loan to buy a car might be easy for some people, but others have a much harder time getting approved for a loan. If you do not have good credit or paystubs to show your income, you might be in the category of people that experience trouble getting a loan. Fortunately, you could go to a bad credit auto lender to buy a car, and you will most likely get approved for a loan as long as you can prove your income. Here are several ways to prove that you can afford to repay a car loan if you are self-employed.

Bring Copies of Your Bank Statements

One of the best ways to prove you have money coming in is by showing your bank statements. A bank statement typically shows all the money coming in and out for an entire month, and you may want to bring the last couple bank statements you have to prove you have income.

If your bank statements show that you have money coming in on a regular basis, you should not have a problem qualifying for a loan. If you do not have bank statements that prove this, it might be a little harder to qualify.

Show Your Tax Returns

Showing the lender your tax returns is another way you could prove that your business makes money. A tax return for a person that is self-employed does not always accurately reflect the income the person makes from the business, but it can help you prove that your company makes money.

Tax returns can also be helpful to prove longevity of a business. If you have operated this business for several years, this may demonstrate that your business offers a reliable source of income.

Have Some Cash to Offer

If you are having a hard time proving your income through these methods, it might also be helpful for you to have some cash with you when you visit the dealer. By having cash and being willing to give it to the dealer as down payment, the lender's risks decrease. Most people are not willing to put money down on a car if they have the intentions of not making the monthly payments.

If your credit is not as good as it should be, you can still qualify for a car loan. You can learn more by visiting a bad credit auto lender today.