First Mortgage? Know These Details

Among the nervewracking responsibilities involved with home purchases, perhaps the most frightening one is the mortgage. Knowing that you will get an approval for a loan makes a big difference to the types of houses you consider and knowing you can comfortably pay back the loan is something that will be on your mind until it's paid off. For that reason, before you even accept a loan, know these details:

You Shouldn't Hide Financial Details

A bankruptcy or other unfavorable things from your past can affect the mortgage process. You might already suspect this and refrain from sharing such information. However, banks and lenders are thorough; they will absolutely find that information even if you withheld it from your conversations and applications. You'll then seem like an even worse risk. Therefore, be honest. You might be surprised if they're able to work with you and find tools that could help you in spite of your hardships.

You Should Use a Buyer's Realtor

If you drove by a house and simply called the agent on the sign out front, that might not be a suitable agent for your transaction. They are typically working for the person selling; you need someone to work for your best interests; that can have a real effect on how much you have to pay to make the purchase. A buyer's agent is important.

You May Include Seller Credits

Closing costs can spike the amount of money you must pay. For that reason, your lender should be able to discuss seller credits with you. These credits can be folded right into your mortgage loan so that you aren't paying those costs upfront. That can give you money to make other necessary purchases during this time.

You Shouldn't Be Making Other Big Purchases

Even if you're pre-approved, you should avoid getting huge pieces of furniture or other big money items. Not only does this usually mean you've misjudged the total amount you may need to put down on a property, but that could alert the lender that your financial situation may be changing. If that happens, they may need to do another check of your finances before allowing the sale to finish. That can cause all kinds of real delays. Instead, keep spending down until final approval is granted.

Home mortgages are essential to any purchase. Therefore, be careful and remember these details. Ask your lender for additional guidance