What To Do If You Think A Family Member Will Jump Bail

Getting a loved one out of bond after they go to jail is one of the first things many families do. After the initial panic of getting your family released, you will have to deal with going through their case. Once they are out on bail and have an attorney, life may begin to settle down for them. If your family member begins to exhibit signs of possibly wanting to skip bail and leave town, you may be wondering how this could affect bail and their court case. If you have caught wind of possible plans to leave town, here is what you should do. 

Speak with their attorney

When your loved one is planning to leave town, this can be a violation of their bail agreement. If it is, you should speak with their attorney. Thier attorney may be able to speak with them and talk them out of their plans. Lawyers have seen a number of cases and typically know what will happen in any case if a person jumps bail. By having their attorney warn them of the consequences, they can calm them down and convince them to go through with the case. 

Consider having them sign their own bail

It is possible that a person can sign on their own bail. If you are the person who is on the bond, you can have the bond revoked with the bail bonds company. This will effectively mean that your relative is eligible for rearrest. By doing this with your relative at the bail bonds company, they can immediately sign on their own bond. By signing their own bond, they will find themselves on the hook for the financial consequences if they do leave or do not show up for their court hearings. 

Make it difficult 

One effective method for making sure that your family member will make it to court and go through their case is making it as difficult as possible to leave town. Call all out of town family members and friends to request that they not host or help the family member get to their town in any way. Have a succession of family members take on monitoring the whereabouts of the family member. If possible, have the family member call and check in with someone after they get home each day. Making them responsible and making it hard for them to be able to skip out of town will increase the possibility that they get through their case without incidence. 

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