3 Things To Know Before Hiring A Bail Bond Agent

Getting arrested for a crime will land you in jail for a few hours, days, or months, but there is often a way to get out faster. If you call a bail bond agent, you can arrange to get out of jail quickly. Before choosing this route, you should know the following three things about using bail bond agent services.

You Do Not Have to Hire a Bail Bond Agent

The first vital thing to know is that you do not have to hire a bail bond agent to get out of jail. Hiring one is not a requirement, but it is an option. You have other options, too. One option is to remain in jail during your case. If you do not mind waiting in jail during this time, you could stay there and not have to spend any money to get out. The other option is to pay the bail without borrowing money from an agent. If you have a lot of money and do not mind using it to pay your bail, you could use this option and not involve a third party.

You Must Pay Fees to an Agent

If you do not want to stay in jail and do not have cash on hand, you might want to call a bail bond agent. One thing you should know about bail bond agents is that they charge fees for their services, and you cannot receive a refund of the fee you pay. They are non-refundable fees, and charging fees is how a bail bond agent makes money.

Fortunately, you have several ways to pay the necessary fees. The first option is with cash, and another option is with collateral. You can also pay the fees with a credit card. If you do not have access to any of these methods for paying the fees, you could ask a friend or relative for a loan. A bail bond agent will not help you get out until you pay the necessary fee.

You Have Obligations to the Agent

When you use a bail bond agent, you should know that you have obligations to the agent. If you disobey or fail to follow one of the rules, you could end up in a worse situation. Therefore, you should find out the rules and obligations before you agree to use a bail bond agent's services. You can learn these by contacting an agency of your choice.

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