How Laundry Equipment Financing Is Ideal To Expand Your Laundry Service

With the chaotic lifestyles many households lead, having someone handle basic daily chores can help. One of the chores people seek out is likely your laundry service. In fact, a growing number of freelancers and small business owners are offering laundry services. The key to these services is making sure you have the ability to expand. Expanding means buying new laundry equipment and that means financing. Here are some of the ways laundry equipment financing can be an ideal way to expand your business. 

More Washer Space

One of the ways that laundry equipment financing can be an ideal way to expand your laundry service is through additional washer space. By having additional washer space, you have the ability to take on more clients as well as handle larger-capacity loads. This will help expand your business easily. By taking on more clients per week and handling larger load capacities you can take on doing different laundry as well. For example, you can take on laundry orders for heavy blankets and comforters as well as curtains. 

Increased Capacity

The increased capacity you will gain from laundry equipment financing is not just with the larger orders and the expanded customers. You can also gain increased capacity by ordering larger capacity and even commercial-size washers and dryers. This allows you to do two loads in one, cutting your overall service time in half. You can also use the larger capacity washers and dryers for heavier loads, such as large comforters or heavy blankets. 

Speedy Turnaround Times

Your turnaround time as a laundry service is a vital part of your business. Most people want a 24-hour turnaround or less. This can be difficult to reach when you only have a few small washers and dryers. When you finance larger capacity washers and dryers or finance additional washers and dryers, you are decreasing your service time. This means lowering those high turnaround times and getting the clothes back to the client within the day instead of several days or longer. 

When you are ready to expand your laundry service, consider laundry equipment financing. You will need to have an idea of how much you want to finance and what items you want to be covered under that financing. Once you have this in mind, contact the financing option of your choice. They will walk you through the process and let you know how much you were approved for. From that point, you can wait for your payment and move forward with your expansion.  

For more info about laundry equipment financing, contact a local company.